Sunday, April 24, 2011

21 Apr - Kongma La

We camped by the lakes below the Kongma La pass at around 5400m, ready to go up Pokalde the next day.
The lakes were frozen to around 5 inches thick and covered with snow; perfect for snow-graffiti!
The night drew cold and the familiar dual discomforts of cold feet and sore back from sitting on stools drove us all to our cosy sleeping bags early. The moon not yet up revealed a sky so packed with stars that there did not seem to be empty spaces between the familiar constellations, and the milky way flung like from horizon to jagged horizon.
Pokalde is basically a big pile of steepy dipping schist, which, after the initial snowfields proved to be a dusty slog up variously loose rock shining silvery in the sun , and gullies full of mica dust which covered our clothing like slightly glam glitter, but probabaly didn't do too much good to the lungs. The top required us to fix a rope, as it was a bit of an exposed scramble, falling away literally km's on all sides.

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