Sunday, April 24, 2011

23 Apr - EBC

Today everyone woke in high spirits, looking forward to finally getting to basecamp, and settling in. The long walk over the morrain ended in bad weather, so the massive sea of ice looked flat and uninviting, and the little yellow tents looked pretty insubstantial and chilly.

Camp itself was a welcome site, with the luxury of a heated mess-tent ( a gas heater beneath the table) which banished the misery of cold feet every evening, and proper plastic chairs. Most welcome as this will be the place we come tyo recover after our forays higher on the mountain.

The camp is actually on the glacier, though the ground is covered with rocks and gravel, it's easy to slip and expose the white ice underneath.

Tomorrow is a day for sorting out the kit that was sent straight to bacecamp, and the day after we will venture out for a play on the icefall to get our ladder-crossing technique perfected.

After that we will be up to camp 1 for 2 nights then, depending on how we are feeling altitude-wise, up to Camp2 for a night before coming down to recover.

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